What Are Brake Calipers And How Do They Work?


There will be no exaggeration in saying that the most important component of a disc brake system is a caliper. Moreover, the entire work of this system depends upon hydraulic pressure. Every vehicle has a caliper and is responsible for squeezing the brake pads against the rotors.

The world is full of those people who just know about brakes in the whole braking system but in actuality, it has a lot of components. In today’s article, we are going to discuss everything about a car brake caliper and its working. So, let’s move forward and have information regarding this topic:

Car Brake Caliper

As mentioned above the most important part of the disc brake system is its caliper which is always present on the front brakes. On the rotor of the wheel, the brake caliper fits just like a clamp and is used to stop the wheel from turning.

Moreover, a pair of metal plates is present inside each caliper. ategorized into two different types that are fixed calipers and floating calipers. The types of calipers that can move are floating calipers and those that cannot move are fixed calipers.

Working Of A Car Brake Caliper

The Wheels of a car are attached to a metal disc and these discs spin along with the wheels. A brake caliper is fitted over the disc and looks just like a clamp. As soon as the driver pulls the brake, the calipers are squeezed and help the wheels to stop moving.

In short, we can say that the function of a brake caliper is to produce friction by pushing the brake pads into the rotor, and as a result, the wheels slow down.

Ways To Make Car Brake Calipers Better

Now, you are well aware of the working . Now it’s time to discuss some of the tricks that you can follow to make your work more efficiently. These ways are discussed below:

  • Try to use bigger brake caliper pistons
  • The more the pistons are, the more good is the performance of the caliper
  • Use a large disc so that less heat is retained
  • Make sure that the pistons close to the rear edge must be large

Signs To Replace Brake Calipers

There is a great chance that your car brake caliper stops working correctly due to different reasons. If you ever notice any of the given signs then there is a great chance that your car brake caliper is going bad. These signs are given below:

  • The brake fluid starts leaking.
  • Your brake pedal seems soft, hard, or spongy
  • When braking, the car pulls to one side automatically
  • Brakes continuously squeaking

To Conclude

In short, the above article concludes everything about a car brake caliper. There are lots of people who are confused about brake calipers and consider them a different component. You will come to know about working as well as different ways that you can follow to make your brake caliper more effective.


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