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For both indoor and outdoor futsal courts, ZSFloor offers specialized solutions. The term “futsal” is derived from the Spanish terms “futbol sala” or “futbol de salon,” which means “room football” in English.

Futsal has several advantages, such as it enhances players’ decision-making abilities. Gives players more touch on the ball, and the stronger ball gives players greater power. It helps players become more self-assured so they can face off against an opponent one-on-one.

As well as provides players more freedom to devise clever ways to avoid them, and sharpens their reflexes. Here, in this article, we are going to provide a detailed discussion about the futsal court – ZSFloorTech and its specifications.

Certain Specifications of Futsal Court

Here we will discuss some important key points or specifications the futsal court has;

Dimensions of Court:

The typical futsal court is 40*20 meters in size. As a skilled manufacturer, we are able to create unique production no matter what the actual size is.

The efficiency of Professional Sports:

Considering that most futsal courts must be constructed for usage in practice or competition. Flooring by ZSFloorTech also has a high level of slip resistance and a maintenance-free design, which makes it a favorite among court builders.

3D Drawing of Court:

Any notion for a sports court building can be made a reality if you choose our skilled designers’ assistance and receive no-cost 3D renderings. Understand how many tiles you’ll need and visualize your ideal court.

Heavy Duty Flooring of Futsal Court:

It is intended for utilization of just indoor purposes. Its surface has been coated to offer good friction while staying flat. Its service life is extended by the anti-scratch design that it possesses at the same time. More importantly, a 10-year warranty was provided with it.

Pitch Surface of Futsal:

The Futsal field or court needs to be level, smooth, non-abrasive, and not rough. A well-leveled artificial material or wood can be used for the flooring. Due to the roughness of this type of flooring, concrete pitches are not suggested for futsal.

More Sturdy Product Structure:

The tiles are better supported by dozens of reinforcing pillars at the bottom of the floor. To assure the total structural strength while choosing raw materials, we employ high-quality PP materials.

Simple Installation:

A futsal court must be constructed for public use by some commercial endeavors. Because of this, it’s crucial to have the option of adding a range of unique logos to the court. Customers can have their choice of bespoke logos painted on their floors by ZSFloor.

Non-Slippery and Flat Surface:

The anti-skid quality of the floor is very important to athletes on a futsal court. We regularly tested the Elastic Mat as we were designing it, ensuring both a beautiful, smooth surface and effective anti-skid properties.

Final Words

From the above discussion in this article, we have a clear idea about the Futsal court and some key features and functions. Hope so you would find this article relevant to your interest and please let us know what your remarks are after reading this article.


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