Here’s Why Aluminum CNC Machining Can Be Crucial


Aluminum is a popular option for aluminum machining using CNC machines because of the properties of the material.

Aluminum is strong and is resistant to corrosion. These and a few more desirable properties make it a material of choice to manufacturers.

The use of aluminum is particularly useful in making parts for the aerospace, healthcare, and automotive consumer market.

Aluminum aids the process of machining on CNC machines by simplifying and improving the process. The many grades of aluminum can be easily penetrated by cutting tools, and easily chipped to shape.

This is unlike other materials with similar properties to aluminum. Did you know that aluminum can be machined faster than iron? Yes, more than three times faster.

What are the benefits of machining aluminum? Let us find out.

Advantages of Machining Aluminum


CNC aluminum machined parts are good for making components for electrical appliances because of the good conductivity of the material.

Even though aluminum is not as conductive as copper, it has been tested to be very useful as it has about 37.3 million Siemens/meter under normal room temperature.

Aluminum Recyclability

One of the good sides to using aluminum for CNC machining is that it is easily recyclable. This means that when you use aluminum for work, nothing wastes.

That makes it a good choice for manufacturers since it helps them save money. It is also good for the environment. It has no negative impact on the environment since it can be recycled.


Aluminum is can be easily machined and that is the main reason why engineers prefer aluminum for their machining jobs.

With aluminum, everyone benefits from the quality of the material. The machinist, the business owner, and the customer who meets the end product.

Aluminum can be chipped easily. This makes it easy to make quick cuts that are accurate using CNC machine tools.

With that, there are even more benefits. The cost of the machining is less when less time is used to do the job.

Also, since aluminum is easy to cut and chip, there is less risk of deformation during the cutting and shaping phase.

Your aluminum workpiece is a good investment for every member of the market. The consumer, the machinist, as well as the business owner.

With high machinability, the CNC machine is bound to meet a tighter tolerance. This will lead to better repeatability and high accuracy.

Resistance to Corrosion

The corrosion resistance may differ based on the grade of aluminum. And this difference may be significantly great.

But many popular aluminum grades have high corrosion resistance as well as some other alloys at the back end of the spectrum.


Among the many desirable properties of aluminum, its lightweight and strength are two very important aspects.

The lightweight and strength of a material are critical properties of any material. That makes aluminum a favorable choice in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Different grades of aluminum have different strength-to-weight ratios and that is why the different grades are used for different purposes.


Aluminum has held the round for a while. Its machinability, weight, and strength make it valuable to both sellers and buyers alike.


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